Paediatric emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We offer a 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year at the Quirón Dexeus University Hospital, where the hospitalization and neonatology units are also located.

Paido Salut Infantil - Quirón Dexeus - Urgències pediàtriques

Paido Children’s Health offers an outpatient paediatric consultation service where children will be attended by a team of paediatricians and nurses specialising in caring for children, both monitoring their development and yearly well-child check-ups and vaccinations, and whenever they need care because they become ill.

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Paido Salut Infantil - Quirón Dexeus - Consulta Pediàtrica

The Neonatology Unit of the Quirón Dexeus University Hospital offers specialized medical care for premature newborns with medical pathologies or those who need surgery. This unit has the human and technological resources of a level IIIb unit and offers the same level of complex care. At the same time, it also attaches a great deal of importance to the not purely technological aspects aimed at improving the admitted newborns’ wellbeing and neurodevelopment through what are called Development-Centred Treatments or DCTs.

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Paido Salut Infantil - Quirón Dexeus - Neonatologia

The Hospitalization Unit of the Quirón Dexeus University Hospital offers medical and surgical care between one month and fifteen years of age. The unit is staffed by paediatricians who are experts in caring for ill and post-operative children. It also tends to children in the outpatient hospital, where functional and hormonal tests are performed. Care for the family is part of our comprehensive service, which is further enhanced by the support of our nursing staff.
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Paido Salut Infantil - Quirón Dexeus - Hospitalització

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